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The perils of video games. May 16, 2006

Posted by yourwar in digg, gaming.

This is a story from BBC news. Its basically about how video games are making people even lazier than before. Although in the article they say "Americans" I would have to disagree and say everyone. I do understand the point the author is trying to make but the issue doesn't really bother me. Even knowing that video games are making me that much more lazy won't stop me from playing them!

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1. Dave Hunt - May 15, 2007

We’ve been here before with television – and probably before then with radio as well. 🙂 It seems that there are always people wanting to knock video games, blaming them for all sorts of problems in society. Give us a break – it’s just some fun!

What I didn’t like was the snide tone of the article – somehow implying that dumb lowlifes enjoy video games. Oh well, I better rush off and do my Call of Duty! 😉

The Xbox 360 Lover!

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