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New 9/11 footage. No Questions answered. May 16, 2006

Posted by yourwar in politics.

Pentagon explosion, 9/11Since the attack on the pentagon nearly 5 years ago there has spawned many conspiricay theories on what really hit the defense department. There have been theories that it was not hit by a plane but rather a missile and others that if it was a plane, maybe it crashed into the pentagon and it was not supposed to hit it. There was old footage that showed a frame-by-frame image of something hitting the pentagon but the object could never be made out.

Well today the Judicial Watch announced that the Department of Defense would be releasing another piece of footage at 1:00 pm. They did indeed submit new footage and it has been all over the news but the question still remains unanswered. In this new footage it is yet again very difficult to make out the object that is hitting the pentagon, and for this reason people are starting to get just a little more suspicious. After reviewing the old and new footage repeatedly I still can't put my foot on any given theory. The evidence just isn't good enough to make judgement off of. Watch a Fox News broadcast of this topic by clicking here.




1. rawlunsus - June 24, 2007
2. Mark - August 10, 2007

they have photographs and testimony of the landing gear, tire, seats, larger fragments of fusalage, and the nose cone which puched a 5′ circular hole in the wall of ring D in the Pentagon, also testamony of many drivers on the very nearby highway that saw the Boeing jet go right over the roofs of the cars. Seek and you shall find the truth

3. Unensegah - August 28, 2007
4. deedlyTopTess - September 6, 2007
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